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Graduate Student Seminars

2019-2020 Graduate Student Seminars

The Graduate Student Seminar takes places each Tuesday 3:45pm-5pm in DM 409A. It is geared toward ALL graduate students in Mathematics and Statistics. Not all the talks are posted here.

Contact: Luis Caicedo

An introduction to smooth manifolds

Speaker: Jose Medel
Date: Feb 4

Abstract: In this presentation we are going over the definitions of topological and smooth manifolds and provide examples. We are also going to define tangent spaces and compare equivalent definitions found in the literature. Lastly define vector fields and provide examples. 

A brief introduction to fractional calculus and applications to nonlocal in time ODEs and PDEs  

Speaker: Professor Ciprian Gal
Date: Nov 3

A brief introduction to Navier-Stokes equations

Speaker: Professor Yanqiu Guo
Date: Sept 10

In the talk, I will give graduate students a very short introduction to the mathematical theory of Navier-Stokes equations which describe the motion of a fluid.