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Lab Policies

What to do in the Labs:

  1. Bring your Panther ID: You must have your Panther ID card to enter the labs. Our attendance system only recognizes that card.
  2. Time in the LABS: Each student is responsible for spending their designated number of hours per time period in the labs.
    • Check your syllabus for the number of hours that you are required to spend in the lab.
    • Unless we are testing or there is a long intervening holiday, such as Spring Break, the time period to accumulate your hours will be a week (not necessarily a calendar week).
    • Students are responsible for tracking their own lab hours. We will not be able to tell you during the week “if you have enough” – it is therefore recommended that you track your own hours.
    • There will be no partial credit for earning less than the minimum required lab hours in any given time period.
    • Hours earned in one time period do not “roll over” to the next time period. The extra time is for your benefit but will not count as credit.
    • When a time period contains a holiday, the minimum number of required hours will still be required; please refer to your course’s calendar for information on due dates.
    • During the week of testing, your required hours are reduced by half.
  3. How you spend that time:
    • The time in the labs is your time to learn mathematics.
    • Have a notebook to take notes while solving problems.
    • Do your homework, take a quiz, watch a video lecture, schedule a test
  4. Use your resources:
    • Textbook and notes from class
    • MyMathLab resources: Video lectures, Help Me Solve This, PowerPoint presentations
    • LAs and faculty
    • Actively use these resources for a better grade!
    • Ask LAs for help when you need it! They want to help!

What NOT to do in the Labs:

Violation of the policies will result in a 0% for lab attendance for that lab-hour-period, even if all required hours have been completed.

  1. Do not bring into the labs:
    • Food and drinks
  2. Do not use electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, laptops, readers, etc.) to:
    • Access sites other than MyLabsPlus
    • Make or receive a call. Absolutely NO TEXTING is allowed. All cell phones must be turned off and put away. Please note that the presence of a cell phone on the desk is also a violation of lab policy
    • Listen to music. We provide Pandora and Spotify on the desktops of the computers.
    • Check an email — even if it is your PantherMail!
  3. Do not work on assignments from other courses. The labs are a place to work on your math skills.
  4. Do not invite your friends to sit with you while you finish your homework. Only students enrolled in College Algebra (MAC 1105), Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033), Pre-Calculus (MAC1140), and Trigonometry (MAC1114) are allowed in the Math Labs. Have your friends meet you at Starbucks.