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Certificate in Actuarial Studies

Are you self-motivated, curious, a problem solver? Are you an above-average student who excels in mathematics courses? Are you interested in historical, social, and political issues? Most actuaries major in mathematics or statistics, but this not necessary. They receive much of their non-mathematical training during employment. This certificate program emphasizes the mathematics of actuarial science. Professional actuarial societies award titles based on their own examinations, which are not to be confused with this certificate.

The demand for actuaries continues to exceed the supply. This is a way to use your mathematics skills in financial situations. Actuaries can expect high starting salaries, and to become respected leaders, often in upper management positions, whether working in insurance companies, consulting firms or government. They make a wide variety of quantitative decisions such as the price of insurance, employee benefits, estimated costs of a major hurricane and the effects of seatbelt laws.

Applying to the Program

Completed application form and bring it to Professor Hassan Zahedi-Jasbi. You can do this anytime before graduation, but we suggest doing so as soon as possible. You may become eligible for scholarships or internships.