College Algebra Help

Where to go for College Algebra help


  1. An excellent source of additional practice with a built-in tutorial feature is http:/ After entering the site, choose from the pulldown menu: Sullivan: Algebra & Trigonometry, 7e ENHANCED. You will have to install some browser plug-ins the first time you use this site. Warning: the site only works with Internet Explorer, so don't try to use it with Netscape, Firefox, etc. The exercise numbers you see for each section correspond to the same exercise numbers in your textbook, so if you haven't been assigned a particular exercise number for homework, don't bother doing it on the InterActMath web site.
  2. The complete solutions manual to your textbook is online. It will ask you for a username and password, which you may obtain from your instructor. To view the Complete Solutions manual, your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download this free software, go to
  3. Need graph paper and the stores are closed? Print it out from here. You will need the Acrobat Reader mentioned above. Polar graph paper is here.


  1. The University Learning Center in GL 120. If you go and there are tutors available, you will get immediate help. Otherwise, you will have to make an appointment. The phone number is 305-348-2180. For those of you living closer to the Biscayne Bay campus, the Math Lab there is in ACI 160 and the phone number is 305-919-5927.
  2. The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services in GC 216. Tutoring is available to all students, whether you are a minority or not, but by appointment only. The phone number is 305-348-2436. Or you can go to the AAA Tutorial Office in GC 265 or call 305-348-6425.

Review for FINAL EXAM:here