Speaker: Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University

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Venue:PG6 Room 115

Title: Coordinating Analyses of Individual and Collective Mathematical Progress: A Case of Creating and Using Euler's Method in Differential Equations

Abstract: A challenge in mathematics education research is to coordinate different analyses to develop a more comprehensive account of teaching and learning. I contribute to these efforts by expanding the constructs in Cobb and Yackel's (1996) interpretive framework that allow for coordinating social and individual perspectives. This expansion involves four different constructs: disciplinary practices, classroom mathematical practices, individual participation in mathematical activity, and mathematical conceptions that individuals bring to bear in their mathematical work. The first two constructs offer insights into the mathematical progress of the classroom community while the latter two address the progress of individual students. Using data from an undergraduate mathematics course in differential equations, I illustrate these constructs by conducting four parallel analyses. While the four analyses are informative in their own right, power is added with a discussion of combining and coordinating across the four analyses. Such networking strategies and methods have considerable potential for increasing explanatory, descriptive, and prescriptive power.