Spectral Tetris and Construction of Frames

Event information
Venue:SIPA 100

Prof. Keri Kornelson Univ. Oklahoma Nov. 20, 3.30 pm, room Sipa 100

Title: Spectral Tetris and Construction of Frames

Abstract: Frames, or redundant systems, have been widely studied and are highly valuable in a variety of applications. Until recently, however, it was cumbersome to construct concrete examples having specified properties. In this talk, we will discuss the construction of tailor-made frames in finite dimensions. We examine constraints on the dimension, redundancy, norms, and frame operator, and then use the Spectral Tetris algorithm as one way to produce examples of frames. We also discuss conditions under which Spectral Tetris cannot be used to generate a frame with a given set of parameters. The talk is suitable for graduate and undergraduate students