Geometry Seminar: M.Parton

Event information
Venue:DM 409A

The speaker is Maurizio Parton from Universita di Chieti-Pescara, Italy. The title and abstract are bellow. Hope that it’ll be a good warm-up for the new semester and will see most of you there. Best, Geo

Title: Spin(9) and octonionic geometry.

Abstract: starting from the description of the Lie group Spin(9) as generated by 9 involutions in SO(16), I will sketch out how it is involved in the existence of "many" never-vanishing vector fields on spheres, and in the construction of a "matryoshka" of differential forms. If time permits, I will also give a structure theorem for Spin(9) metrics which are locally conformally equivalent to Spin(9)-holonomy metrics. No previous knowledge of Spin(9) is expected.