Colloquium Speaker: Xiaoming Wang, Florida State University

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Venue:RB 130

A little note about the Speaker*************************

Dr. Wang received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Indiana University - Bloomington under the supervision of Prof. Roger Temam. He joined Iowa State University upon receiving his PhD and took two years of leave of absence as a Courant Instructor at NYU. He moved to Florida State University as a tenured associate professor in 2003 where he is now professor and chair of the Mathematics Department. He is serving on the editorial board of "Asymptotic Analysis" and "Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences".

Dr. Wang's research focuses on modern applied mathematics, especially the modeling, analysis and computation of problems related to fluid dynamics, groundwater research, geophysical fluid dynamics and turbulence. He is particularly interested in rigorous mathematical treatment of issues of significant physical importance.

Abstract: We discuss the scaling of the long time averaged rate of heat transport in the vertical direction, quantified as the Nusselt number, within the Rayleigh-Benard model for convection. How the Nusselt number scales in terms of the parameters of the system, the Rayleigh and Prandtl number, is an outstanding open problem in classical physics. Both the case of finite Prandtl number, and the case of infinite Prandtl number will be discussed. Classical no-slip boundary condition as well as geophysically relevant free-slip boundary conditions will be investigated. Numerical methods that are able to asymptotically preserve the Nusselt number will be studied.