Seminar: Anna Fino, Univ di Torino

Event information
Venue:DM 409A

Prof. Anna Fino, Univ di Torino.

Thurs 4/11/13, 330pm to 430pm, in DM 409A.

Title: Symplectic geometry and special Hermitian structures.

Abstract. Symplectic forms taming complex structures on compact manifolds are strictly related to a special type of Hermitian metrics, known in the literature as "strong Kaehler with torsion" metrics. I will present general results on "strong K\"ahler with torsion" metrics and their link with symplectic geometry. Moreover, I will show for certain 4 -dimensional non-Kaehler symplectic 4 -manifolds some recent results about the Calabi-Yau equation in the context of symplectic geometry.