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FIU math student Camilo Montoya will be giving a talk at the MAA/AMS Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, California, January 9-12, 2013. He will be the leading speaker presenting his summer REU research in several complex variables, conducted at the University of Wisconsin Stout, on the topic of the classification of real hypersurfaces in complex space.

JMM webpage: http://jointmathematicsmeetings.org

Program listing: http:/jointmathematicsmeetings.orgmeetings/national/jmm2013/2141_program_saturday.html#2141:MCPGENVK

The link to the abstract is: http:/jointmathematicsmeetings.orgamsmtgs/2141_abstracts/1086-vk-434.pdf

Some previous news (see also - About Us / News About Us):

The story of the application of this years' grad students to PhD programs is very interesting and, to me, rather dramatic! Three of our students, Alejandro Ginory, Luis Saumell and Luis Rodriguez, had to have long negotiations with the universities where they were accepted: all those wanted our students choose their programs. The outcome is: Carlos Bajo and Luis Rodriguez go to UM, Luis Saumell to Notre Dame, Alejandro Ginory and Kafung Mok to Rutgers, and Anudeep Kumar to George Washington U. I personally am very proud with the recognition these students got from prestigious universities.

Apart from our successful grad students, we have four math majors accepted as McNair fellows this year as well: Alexandra Cuadra, Camilo Montoya, Eric Wawerczyk, and Giancarlo Sanchez. Camilo and Eric will be doing their research this summer at other universities, while Alexandra and Giancarlo are staying with us.

Thanks to Mirroslav Yotov for this information (and for helping many of these students!).