Inspired by research

On Thursday, 8/1/2013, there was a mathematics seminar that featured the research of FIU undergraduate, graduates, and alumni students. It was quite a success. Four students gave talks on number theory, category theory, model theory, and set theory. Despite the last-minute nature of planning, about fifteen students and one faculty member (Dr. Yotov) attended (two audience members were Skyped in since they were out of town). The discussion was lively and the speakers engaging.

Some potential speakers were unable to present on Thursday due to scheduling conflicts. A second installment of the seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, 8/7/2013.

Organizing this successful seminar was suggested by Alejendro Ginory, a well known alumnus of the Dept of Mathematics and Statistics who is pursuing his PhD degree in Mathematics at Rutgers University, New Brunswick who is in Miami for a Summer break.

The talks that were given on Thursday:

'A Survey of Model Theory' by E. Wawerczyk
'Non-standard Realities' by J. Figueroa
'Categorification: A Brief Glimpse' by A. Ginory
'Counting Gaps Between Integers Co-prime to N' by A.C. Pelea