Our McNair and Putnam students

The Induction Ceremony for the 8th cohort of the McNair post-baccalaureate program at FIU was held Monday, March 28th. Five of our majors will have research grants this summer, mostly with the McNair program. Many of them will work on campuses of leading universities outside Florida. The projects of our students are in the areas of Algebra (group theory), Riemann Surfaces (Algebraic Geometry), Graphs and Lie Algebras (Differential Geometry), Analytic and Algebraic properties of recurrence relations (Number Theory). The names and the places are:

Carlos Bajo (The Ohio State University),
Alejandro Ginory (MIT),
Kafung Mok (The University of Notre Dame),
Adam Pelea (FIU),
and Marco Rodriguez (FIU).

Last Tuesday, we received the results from the 71st annual W.L.Putnam math competition. Florida International University, represented by our team (Tram Ta, Carlos Bajo and Alejandro Ginory), is ranked 106th among 546 schools from The United States and Canada which took part in the competition. Special mention to Tram Ta and Adam Pelea with the first and second best score among our participants respectively this year. Tram is the leader of our students for the second year in a row.

Added April 21, updated June 28 - See our local news [see "About Us"] for more. Our student Yelen Nunez recently won a prestigious teaching award in a statewide competion. Now, she has gone on to win at the national level !