Mastery Math Lab Host Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

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Venue:Green Library 263/265

Image 1
New Math Lab is up and running!

Image 2 Math lab almost completed in mid-August!

Image 3 Math lab under construction in July

For details and information, click Math Lab.

Located in the Green Library, the Mastery Math Lab has over 200 new computers for College Algebra and Intermediate Algebra students to complete their course assignments. The lab also has instructional programs and Learning Assistants to help with homework, questions and problem-solving. The lab is open every day of the week except Saturday (see webpage above for details).

“Math Lab helps assure that the student is ready for the test; combining helpful tips and limitless attempts on homework problems superbly ensures success in the course.”

“Since I have to be in the lab every week, I study more than I would have on my own, and I’ve been getting significantly better grades!”

- FIU students participating in the Math Lab

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