B.S. in Statistics

For new students, the degree will be called B.S. in Mathematical Sciences with Major in Statistics.

Students already admitted for a "B.S. in Statistics" may continue towards that degree.

Degree Program Hours: 120

Lower Division Preparation

To qualify for admission to the program, FIU undergraduates must have met all the lower division requirements, completed 60 semester hours, and must be otherwise acceptable into the program.

Common Prerequisite Courses and Equivalencies

FIU Courses Equivalent Course(s)
COP 2210 or COP 2270 COPXXXX¹
MAC 2311 MACX311
MAC 2312 MACX312
MAC 2313 MACX313
BSC 1010, BSC 1010L, BSCXXXX/XXXXL² or
BSC 1011, BSC 1011L, CHMXXXX/XXXXL² or
CHM 1032, CHM 1032L
CHM 1033, CHM 1033L,
CHM 1045, CHM 1045L,
CHM 1046, CHM 1046L,
PHY 2048, PHY 2048L,
PHY 2049, PHY 2049L

¹a scientific programming course designed for computer science majors. ²two laboratory based science course designed for science majors.

Courses which form part of the statewide articulation between the State University System and the Community College System will fulfill the Lower Division Common Prerequisites. For generic course substitutions/equivalencies for Common Program Prerequisites offered at community colleges, state colleges, or state universities, visit: http://facts.org, See Common Prerequisite Manual.

Common Prerequisites

  • COP 2210 Programming I
  • or
  • COP 2270 C for Engineers
  • MAC 2311 Calculus I
  • MAC 2312 Calculus II
  • MAC 2313 Multivariable Calculus
  • STA 2XXX Any introductory statistics course or consent of the department

Two of the following:

  • BSC 1010 General Biology I
  • BSC 1010L General Biology Lab I
  • BSC 1011 General Biology II
  • BSC 1011L General Biology Lab II
  • BSC 2023 Human Biology
  • BSC 2023L Human Biology Lab
  • CHM 1032 Chemistry & Society
  • CHM 1032L Chemistry & Society Lab
  • CHM 1033 Survey of Chemistry
  • CHM 1033L Survey of Chemistry Lab
  • CHM 1045 General Chemistry I
  • CHM 1045L General Chemistry Lab I
  • CHM 1046 General Chemistry II
  • CHM 1046L General Chemistry Lab II
  • PHY 2048 Physics with Calculus I
  • PHY 2048L General Physics Lab I
  • PHY 2049 Physics with Calculus II
  • PHY 2049L General Physics Lab II

Courses required for the degree:

  • MAS 3105 Linear Algebra

Upper Division Program Required Courses: (33)

  • STA 3163 Statistical Methods I 3
  • STA 3164 Statistical Methods II 3
  • STA 3951 Oral Presentations in Statistics 1
  • STA 4321 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I 3
  • STA 4322 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II 3
  • STA 4202 Introduction to Design of Experiments 3
  • STA 4234 Introduction to Regression Analysis 3
  • STA 4664 Statistical Quality Control 3
  • ENC 3213 Professional & Technical Writing 3

Six additional credit hours of approved statistics courses. Three additional credit hours in an approved statistics, mathematics, or computer science course. A grade of ‘C’ or higher in each of these courses is necessary for the major.


The balance of the 120 semester hour requirement for graduation may be chosen from any courses in the University approved by the student’s advisor. Remarks: The student must consult his or her advisor to determine which courses, in addition to the required courses listed above, satisfy the requirements for a statistics major. The following courses are not acceptable for credit toward graduation, unless a student has passed the course before declaring a statistics major: MAC 2233, STA 1013, STA 2023, STA 3033, STA 3111, STA 3112, STA 2122, STA 3123, STA 3145 and QMB 3200 (College of Business Administration).