Combined B.S. in Mathematics / M.S. in Mathematical Sciences

This program will allow strong students in mathematics to complete a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in 5 years rather than the usual six. A minimum of 140 credits are required for graduation with both the bachelor’s and the master’s degree. In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, these 140 credits include 30 graduate credits required for the Master’s of Science in Mathematical Sciences. A maximum of ten (10) graduate mathematics credits can be concurrently used toward the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

To be considered for admission to the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program, students must have completed at least 75-90 credits in the bachelor’s degree program at FIU and meet the admissions criteria for the graduate degree program to which they are applying. Students need only apply once to the combined degree program, but the application must be submitted to Graduate Admissions before the student starts the last 30 credits of the bachelor’s degree program. A student admitted to the combined degree program will be considered to have undergraduate status until the student applies for graduation from their bachelor’s degree program. Upon conferral of the bachelor’s degree, the student will be granted graduate status and be eligible for graduate assistantships. Only 5000-level or higher courses, and no more than the number of credits specified by the program catalog, may be applied toward both degrees.

Admission Requirements

  • Current enrollment in a Bachelor’s degree program in mathematics.
  • Current overall GPA of at least 3.2 and GPA of at least 3.2 in upper division courses.
  • Completion of 75-90 undergraduate credit-hours.
  • A minimum combined (verbal and quantitative) GRE score of 1000 to be obtained before entering the MS phase of the program.
  • Approval of the graduate committee.

Completion Requirements

Year 1 and 2:

  • MAC 2311 Calculus I
  • MAC 2312 Calculus II
  • MAC 2313 Calculus III
  • MAS 3105 Linear Algebra
  • MAP 2302 Ordinary Differential Equations

Year 3:


  • MAA 3200 Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
  • STA 4321 Introduction to Mathematical Sciences I


  • MAA 4211 Advanced Calculus
  • MAS 4301 Algebraic Structures
  • One course from List 1 or 2


  • One course from List 1 or 2 and 1 graduate course

Year 4:


  • MAA 5616 Introduction to Real Analysis
  • One course from List 1 or 2
  • Senior Seminar (1 credit)


  • One graduate course
  • Two courses from List 1 or 2


  • Three graduate credits

Year 5:


  • Nine graduate credits


  • Nine graduate credits The graduate courses distribution should follow catalog descriptions of the master’s program requirements. Students must take at least 3 courses from List 1 and at least 3 courses from List 2. The balance of the 140 semester hours required for graduation may be chosen from any courses in the university, a minimum of six (6) of these should be at the upper division level or higher.

List 1:

  • MAD 4203 Introduction to Combinatorics (3 credits)
  • MAA 4402 Complex Variables (3 credits)
  • MTG 3212 College Geometry (3 credits)
  • MAS 4203 Number Theory (3 credits)
  • MAA 4212 Topics in Advanced Calculus (3 credits)
  • MAS 4302 Topics in Algebraic Structures (3 credits)
  • MTG 4302 Topology (3 credits)

List 2:

For Graduate Assistantship please contact Zhenmin Chen 305-348-1081 or email You may also email the Mathematics Department at