Accelerated M.S. in Statistics

We are very excited to announce our new 4+1 program in statistics!

If you satisfy the following admission requirements, then please consider enrolling in this program. With an investment of one extra year at FIU, you can leave with two degrees – a Bachelor’s in Statistics and a Master’s in Statistics!

Admission Requirements:

  • Current enrollment in the first semester of the senior year Bachelor's degree program in Statistics at FIU
  • Completed or enrolled in at least 90 undergraduate credit hours
  • Current GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • GRE combined score of at least 1000 (quantitative and verbal)

Course and other General Requirements:

Students enrolled in the program may count up to 9 hours as credits for both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. These courses must be taken at least the 5000 level and can be chosen from the following list (amongst others):

  • STA 5206 Design of Experiments I
  • STA 5236 Regression Analysis
  • STA 5507 Nonparametric Methods
  • STA 5666 Advanced Quality Control
  • STA 5207 Topics in Design of Experiments
  • STA 6746 Multivariate Statistical Analysis

The students who count cross listed courses towards the degree will not get credit for both the 4000 level and the 5000 level course. In fact, the students will not be allowed to take both the courses.

In addition, as part of earning the MS degree the students are required to take the following core courses:

  • STA 6244 Data Analysis I
  • STA 6247 Data Analysis II
  • STA 6326 Mathematical Statistics I
  • STA 6327 Mathematical Statistics II

The BS/MS program is designed to be a continuous program, however upon completion of all the requirements of the undergraduate degree, students will receive the BS degree. Students in this program have up to one year after receipt of the bachelor’s degree to complete the MS degree. Students who fail to meet the post BS requirement or who elect to leave the combined program at any time and earn only the BS degree will have the same access requirements to regular graduate programs as any other student but will not be able to use the 9 credits for both the bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Admission into the combined program does not automatically qualify the students for admission into the MS degree program. To enroll in the MS degree program, the students must apply (in their senior year) to the graduate school and meet all graduate admission requirements.

Students enrolled in the program must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and must get a minimum grade of ‘B’ in the all the core courses. Upon completion of the entire 4+1 program, students must have accumulated a minimum of 30 hours of credits at the graduate (5000+) level. In addition, to get the combined degree, the students will also be required to take a comprehensive examination or do a thesis. Students opting for the comprehensive exam will be required to take an additional 6 hours of credits at the graduate (5000+) level. All students enrolled in the program will be expected to attend the departmental seminars.