Abdel-Rida Saleh

MAD 1100
Supplementary Problems Predicates
Solutions Predicates
Solutions Review Exam I
Review Exam I
Addition Solutions Supplement 5.1
Review Exam II Solutions
Review Exam II
Solutions Bayes Theory
Supplement 5.1
Supplement 5.4 Solutions
Supplement 5.4
Supplement Problems 4.2
Supplement Problems 4.4
Supplementary Problems Bayes Theorem
Review Exam III
Review Exam III Solution
Solutions Supplement 7a
Supplement 7-4 Solutions
Supplement 7-4
Supplement 8.2 Solutions
Supplement 8.2
Supplement 8.4 Solutions
Supplement 8.4
Answers to even problems
Test I Key
Supplement 7a
Test II Key

MAC 1114
Test I Key
Test II Review
Test II Key
Test III Key

MAC 1140
Graphic Using Transformation Handout
Operation on Functions
Week 1 Review of Functions

MAC 1147
Test II Key

MAD 2104
Course Pack
Test I

MAC 2233
Test I
Test I Key
Test II Key
Test III Key
Test IV Key